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RAE Networks

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RAE Networks offers industry-leading solutions for Telcos, ISP/WISPs, and Data Centers.


We specialize in Network Hardware and OEM & 3rd party optics, with full access to any Network, CO, Server & Storage, or CPE need you may have.


We have the resources to help you with any sized project, access to engineering support, software & licensing, new or refurbished equipment, and security services.

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Our Story

After years in the industry, we realized it was time to create a better way to provide integral Network & Telecom hardware and solutions. We don't want to compete for your business; We want to be a trusted partner to find you the highest quality equipment at clear, fair prices. Our mission is to provide full transparency with our partners.


We are a woman led business, headquartered in Rochester NY, dedicated to forming lasting partnerships, as well as offering innovative and budget friendly solutions.


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Whatever your need, internal or external, we have you covered.

Building a network rooted in passion, purpose, trust, and collaboration. 



OEM and 3rd Party Network Optics Equipment & Accessories


Networking and IT Equipment


Equipment to store, secure, manage and access digital data and files


Telephone switching Equipment


Customer Premise Equipment


Equipment found physically at the end point of a network


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