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OEM and 3rd Party Network Optics Equipment & Accessories

RAE Networks offers both new and refurb OEM optics. We ensure refurb optics are fully tested for functionality and ready for deployment. 


While we have access to hundreds of manufacturers, our purchase of bulk Cisco optics has allowed us to pass our savings on to you and offer extremely competitive pricing.

We understand one bad optic can take down your Network, that's why, like our 3rd party optics, we offer a lifetime warranty on OEM optics, along with advanced replacement. 

3rd party Optics Highlights:

  • Manufactured in the US

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 100% Compatibility Guaranteed

  • Custom Optic Solutions - OEM doesn’t offer specs

  • Faster Turnaround than OEM Solutions

  • 60%+ Discount over OEM Option

  • Additional Bulk Discounts

  • Included Engineering Support

Sample Accessories:

  • Transceivers - MSA compliant fiber and copper transceivers. Any distance, wavelength, form factor, and speed, even outside of what the OEM offers.

  • DAC & AOC - Direct Attach and Active Optical Cables. Can custom each cable end to two different OEM’s

  • Multiplexers - Passive CWDM & DWDM solutions

  • Patch Cables - Simplex and Duplex fiber patch cables


OEM and 3rd Party Network Optics Equipment & Accessories


Networking and IT Equipment


Equipment to store, secure, manage and access digital data and files


Telephone switching Equipment


Customer Premise Equipment


Equipment found physically at the end point of a network



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