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RAE Deals

Welcome to RAE Deals. Here you will find a sampling of the inventory available in our BOSS Deals area. For full access to BOSS, as well as special flash sales, limited time coupons (and more!) sign up for your free membership today! 

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RAE Bids: In this section you contact us with your best offer for a particular item/lot, if your offer is accepted, you win the item/lot. Individual and Lot Offers are accepted. For full access to Bids, sign up to become a member today!

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This section does not include the whole of our business, if you do not see something you are looking for, please contact us.

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CONTACT US with your best offer for a particular item/lot. Both Item and Lot offers are accepted unless otherwise specified.

Cisco Access Points

LOT #: RAEB-21110001

Description: New Cisco Wireless Access Points


Items in this section contain very limited stock, contact us to confirm availability.

Juniper ERX Midplane

LOT #: RAES-21110001

Description: New Juniper ERX series midplanes. Multiple units available


LOT #: RAES-21110002

Description: ATX Distribution Gateways, discontinued from OEM



If you're interested in information, a quote, or have decom equipment available that you're looking to re-home, please contact us today!

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